What Things Should I Avoid After Cataract Surgery?

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Our ophthalmologists at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana are here to help you regain your vision and enjoy long-lasting ocular health. While many conditions can be prevented, some may inevitably develop due to the aging process. Cataracts are among the most common age-related complications and the world’s leading cause of blindness. The breakdown of body tissues that occurs with time is inescapable and causes various types of deterioration throughout the body, including in the eye’s lens, where degraded proteins accumulate to form cloudy clumps that block incoming light.

These clumps gradually grow larger and block more and more of your vision, so treatment is necessary to restore your eyesight in Bloomington, IN. You can explore your options for better vision, including cataract surgery, by reaching out to our experienced team!

How does traditional cataract surgery work?

Traditional cataract surgery is a safe, potentially life-changing procedure that can help restore your sight and your visual freedom. If the thought of surgery, especially eye surgery, gives you pause, there’s no need to worry: cataract surgery is one of the most-practiced procedures ever devised.

The procedure is quick and effective, requiring fewer than 15 minutes per eye. You will be awake, yet your eyes will be fully numbed to make the surgery as painless and comfortable as possible. Additionally, we’ll secure your eyes with a special device so they don’t shift. Then, we begin by making a small incision at the edge of the cornea, the outermost portion of the eye. Through this incision, we can access the cataracts, which have clouded the eye’s lens. We use a handheld device to break down both cataracts and the lens, and then we replace it with a synthetic version, an intraocular lens (IOL).

What things should I avoid after cataract surgery?

Rest is of the utmost importance so that your eyes may properly heal. This means avoiding any strenuous activity based on your specific aftercare instructions, which we’ll supply following your procedure. It’s also essential to keep the eyes clean by avoiding wearing make-up or performing activities (gardening, cleaning, swimming, etc.) during which dust or other particles could get into your eyes.

Since the eyes must not be over-stressed, it’s crucial that you avoid rubbing them. Sunglasses should be worn outside for a period after your procedure, which we’ll detail based on your unique needs and ocular health.

Also, for their safety and that of others, patients should avoid driving for 24 hours following their cataract surgery. Therefore, it’s vital that you have someone to drive you home.

See clearly once again with cataract surgery

Our extensively trained ocular surgeons have helped many past patients enjoy better eye health and vision, and we’d love to do the same for you! Cataracts cloud the eye’s lens, robbing you of your visual acuity and ability to excel at daily duties and enjoy favored hobbies. Traditional cataract surgery can quickly, safely, and effectively help give you back your vision. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana to learn more in Bloomington, IN!

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