Could I Have Both Hyperopia and Myopia?

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Hyperopia and myopia are refractive disorders that cause visual impairments at various distances. For example, patients that have hyperopia (farsightedness) are not able to focus on objects that are up close. By the same principle, individuals with myopia (shortsightedness) cannot visually focus on things that are far away. These refractive disorders result from an improperly shaped cornea (the transparent, outermost, protective part of the eye) that incorrectly bends light.

Therefore, seeking advanced eye solutions by reaching out to us at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana may be one of the best things you do for your standard of living. These disorders can quickly make it difficult or impossible to carry out daily tasks, such as working, driving, or enjoying your favorite activities. Yet we're happy to offer our patients the opportunity to enjoy enhanced vision and better living in Bloomington, IN.

Is it possible to have both hyperopia and myopia at the same time?

It is possible to have both hyperopia and myopia at the same time, but not in the same eye. This is a rare condition called anisometropia, meaning each eye has different refractive power. Anisometropia is possible due to the nature of refractive disorders, which also explains why it isn't possible to have both farsightedness and nearsightedness in the same eye.

These vision-distorting refractive conditions occur when the eyeball is misshapen. Since incoming light is bent through the eye to reach the retina at the rear, an abnormal shape throws off the path of that light. If the light cannot be focused onto the correct portion of the photoreceptive retina, then clear, continuous vision is not possible.

And it's the overall shape that determines the type of refractive disorder that arises — so an individual cannot have both hyperopia and myopia in the same eye as each is caused by a different eye shape.

What are my options for treating refractive disorders such as hyperopia and myopia?

The best way to find out what's causing your visual issues, and to find the optimal solution for you, is to visit our experienced ophthalmological team in Bloomington, IN. We offer a full spectrum of eye health services and top-quality care, which begins with a comprehensive consultation and eye exam.

We'll evaluate your vision and discuss your expectations while ascertaining the type and degree of your refractive condition. Then, we'll formulate a personalized treatment plan based on your unique needs to help you get the most out of life with clearer, sharper vision. Everyone's treatment plan will be different and customized based on their ocular specifics, though we're proud to offer various effective options, including eyeglasses, contact lenses, and refractive surgeries that can get to the root of the problem.

Treat hyperopia and myopia to enjoy better vision in Bloomington, IN

There's nothing we'd like more than to offer our Bloomington, IN, patients the opportunity to excel at their duties and hobbies through improved vision. So, whether you're facing the adverse effects of hyperopia, myopia, or a different refractive disorder, we're here to offer you state-of-the-art solutions at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana. To find out more, please don't hesitate to contact our experienced ophthalmologists today.

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