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It’s Not Too Late to Get a Back-to-School Eye Exam

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 08/27/2023

Ensure your child starts the year strong by scheduling a back-to-school pediatric eye exam with our team at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana.


Is Bending Over After Cataract Surgery Safe?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 07/22/2023

Explore cataract surgery recovery at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana, offering expert care and guidance post-surgery in Bloomington, IN.


Can Myopia Worsen with Age?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 06/19/2023

Myopia is a refractive error that causes objects to become blurry. Learn about nearsighted vision and how we can improve your eyesight at our clinic.


I Have Astigmatism. Can I Still Get LASIK?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 05/30/2023

You may assume that astigmatism disqualifies you from LASIK, but think again!


What Are the Pros and Cons of Laser Cataract Surgery?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 04/30/2023

Laser cataract surgery is an advanced option to help patients regain their vision, so exploring its pros and cons is important.


Could I Have Both Hyperopia and Myopia?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 04/01/2023

You can have hyperopia (farsightedness) and myopia (nearsightedness) at the same time (a condition called anisometropia) but not in the same eye.


What Eye Conditions Can be Improved With PRK Eye Surgery?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 02/28/2023

PRK is a laser refractive correction option that can resolve refractive disorders such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.


What Things Should I Avoid After Cataract Surgery?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 01/30/2023

Patients should avoid driving, strenuous activity, and other things that could damage, irritate, or stress their eyes after cataract surgery.


Should Patients Get an Eye Exam Annually?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 12/29/2022

Most patients should have a routine eye exam every two years, though it depends on your specific needs and ocular health.


What Will my Vision Look Like After LASIK?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 11/30/2022

LASIK can completely change your vision by improving or resolving refractive disorders like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.


All You Need to Know About Cataract Lenses

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 10/31/2022

We can reverse vision loss caused by cataracts through cataract lenses, also known as intraocular lenses (IOLs).


What is Vision Like With Myopia?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 09/30/2022

Myopia, or nearsightedness, doesn't affect close vision but makes distant things appear out of focus.


How Long Will I Have Blurry Vision After PRK?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 08/27/2022

Some lingering visual disturbances are common after PRK and generally dissipate within a week or two.


Comparing Laser and Traditional Cataract Surgery

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 07/29/2022

Both laser and traditional cataract surgery are incredibly well-practiced, safe, effective, and offer quick, potentially life-changing results.


Four Things an Eye Exam Can Reveal About Your Eye Health

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 06/30/2022

An eye exam can reveal many things, including the status of your eyes, visual capabilities, and any issues that may be developing.


Will Refractive Lens Exchange Prevent Future Cataracts?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 05/30/2022

Since a refractive lens exchange replaces your eye’s lens with a synthetic intraocular lens (IOL), it will prevent the formation of future cataracts.


What are the Common Causes of Cataracts?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 04/30/2022

Help prevent the devastating effects of cataracts and undergo early testing and treatment with the eye doctors at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana.


How Safe Is LASIK Laser Vision Correction?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 03/20/2022

LASIK eye surgery is a safe option for vision correction. Find out more about the side effects of LASIK and if you may be a candidate here.


What Is the Best Technique For Cataract Surgery?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 02/28/2022

Cataracts can be treated with a traditional or laser-based procedure to prevent fogginess and vision loss.


Which Cataract Lens Option is Best for Farsighted Vision?

Dr. Daniel Grossman | 01/11/2022

Cataract surgery can reduce cloudy vision, but what if you have hyperopia? See how cutting-edge IOLs can treat farsightedness during cataract surgery.


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