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About Tears and Detachments

The retina of the eye may tear or detach as the vitreous fluid within the eye thickens or shrinks, which is most often a result of aging. The thickening and shrinking process then causes the fluid to pull and tug against the retina, leading to a tear, or eventually, detachment. For the majority of patients, the shrinking and thickening of vitreous fluid just leads to floaters, but for others, the aggressive pulling or tugging motions cause the retina to tear or detach completely. When this occurs, it is a huge concern that must be addressed as soon as possible. If not treated, a retina tear or detachment can lead to blindness. If you suddenly notice a loss in peripheral vision and an abundance of floaters in your line of sight, we encourage you to schedule an eye exam at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana. Our skilled eye care team will assess the health of your eyes and offer effective treatment at our Bloomington, IN eye care facility.

signs of retinal detachment

The primary signs of a retinal tear or detachment generally include:

  • Sudden increase in eye floaters
  • Blurred vision
  • Sudden loss of color vision
  • Worsened peripheral vision
  • Worsened standard vision
  • Sudden or gradual onset of “shaded” vision (reminiscent of clouds passing the sun)

However, most patients suffering from a retinal tear or detachment typically do not notice any symptoms until their condition has reached a more advanced phase. Those who have particular health issues that cause inflammation, such as diabetes or autoimmune diseases, or people with myopia (nearsightedness), tend to have an increased risk of having a detachment or tear.

Call Today for Help

Noticing any signs of a retinal tear or detachment is reason enough to see a trained eye doctor. If you've been experiencing issues, our team will perform a comprehensive eye exam to assess your eye health and figure out how to best manage or reverse your condition. Schedule an eye exam with our team at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana to get the help you need from people who care about your vision as much as your well-being.

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