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Abnormal objects that obscure your line of sight, like specks, clouds, or lines, are known as floaters in the eye care field. While the majority of people may have noticed these specks before, many don't know that they're actually formed by tiny clumps of vitreous gel, the fluid that fills the middle portion of the eye. Seeing floaters is actually fairly common and does not typically indicate a more serious problem. However, if the presence of floaters is hindering your sight or causing an inconvenience, skilled eye surgeon R. Daniel Grossman, M.D. and his team provide premier techniques to restore your comfort and visual acuity. Contact our team at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana in Bloomington, IN if floaters are disrupting your vision.


In many cases, being nearsighted (myopia) is a risk factor for developing floaters. While floaters could indicate a more serious issue, this is not always the case. Once our team determines the cause of your floaters, we will inform you if laser floater removal is the recommended route or if further care may be needed to address a bigger problem.

The surest way to reduce the number of floaters obscuring your vision is by performing laser floater removal or vitreolysis. This treatment utilizes cutting-edge technology to target the clumps of eye fluid and vaporize them, eliminating them from your line of sight. This treatment is fully noninvasive and is safe for patients of all ages.

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Floaters are a common phenomenon that many people experience, and many patients may be relieved to know that they do not typically indicate a more serious problem. However, if the appearance of these floating lines and specks still bother you, vitreolysis (or laser floater removal) can be performed at our Bloomington, IN office to clear your vision and restore your peace of mind.

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