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About Eyelid Lumps and Bumps

The board-certified ophthalmologists at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana are devoted to caring for the health of your eyes and have years of experience in identifying and removing eyelid lumps and bumps with minor surgery. The most commonly occurring types of eyelid lesions are styes and chalazions. In general, they are harmless; however, they can sometimes be uncomfortable or painful and may become large enough to blur or block vision. If you have a lump or bump on one of your eyelids, schedule an exam with us today at our Bloomington, IN office.

How Are Eye Lumps Treated?

At The Eye Center for Southern Indiana, we see and treat a variety of common and rare eyelid conditions. The conditions we see most frequently are chalazions and styes. It can be difficult to self-diagnose these two conditions because they look quite similar; however, they are different and require different treatment. Chalazions are blocked or swollen eyelid oil glands. Styes are typically caused by bacteria that have entered an eyelash follicle. They are not generally considered dangerous or serious, but they are often uncomfortable or painful. Sometimes, a chalazion or stye can clear up if the patient applies hot compresses to the area regularly and/or uses over-the-counter medications. If these remedies do not work, however, it is best to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist to determine whether a minimally invasive surgery might be the best course of action. This can include either draining the lump or having it removed entirely.

Quick And Effective Outpatient Options

Almost everyone develops a stye or chalazion at one point or another, and most of the time, they will clear up on their own. However, if you have an eyelid lesion that is not healing and doesn't respond to home remedies, it is time to have an eye exam. At The Eye Center of Southern Indiana, we'll perform a thorough evaluation of your stye or chalazion and create a treatment plan that best suits your needs. Reach out to The Eye Center to schedule a consultation.

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