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Amblyopia, often known to the public as "lazy eye," is an eye condition that forms when one eye becomes weaker than the other over time, usually due to a disconnect somewhere within the brain. When this happens, the brain may start to prefer the stronger eye over time, which may cause the weaker eye to shift outward or inward. This condition can be diagnosed and treated in patients of any age, but it usually develops in infants and young children. If treated in its early phases, the progression of amblyopia can be slowed or stopped. Our team at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana offers a number of treatments to patients to correct lazy eye and strengthen their overall vision. If you or your child are experiencing the signs of lazy eye, contact our Bloomington, IN office and schedule a consultation.


In many cases, lazy eye may signal an underlying health issue, like a muscle imbalance, cataracts, or a refractive error (myopia or hyperopia). Additionally, certain vision problems that cause strain, blurriness, or squinting may also contribute to a lazy eye. If you or your child are diagnosed with amblyopia, treatment options will be discussed to improve your overall eye health. Some of these solutions may include corrective eyewear or an eye patch to strengthen the weaker eye, prescription eye drops, or in more advanced cases, surgery. Our ophthalmologists will work with you to help determine the best course of action for your eye health and needs.


If you think that you or your child may have amblyopia, relief is possible. Reach out to our skilled team of eye doctors and surgeons in Bloomington, IN to schedule a comprehensive consultation and receive treatment for your condition. The Eye Center of Southern Indiana offers a wide variety of options to help improve your visual acuity and enhance your overall eye health.

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