Dry Eye Syndrome in Bloomington, IN

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What Causes Dry Eye Syndrome?

Nearly everyone will have dry, itchy eyes occasionally, but if it continues for a long time or happens often, you might have dry eye syndrome. This extremely common condition is due to tears failing to sufficiently lubricate the eyes, often the result of an underlying condition. As soon as this underlying condition is identified and managed, the dry eye symptoms can be significantly reduced. R. Daniel Grossman, M.D. and his team provide a number of treatment options for anyone in Bloomington, IN dealing with dry eye syndrome. To find out more about relief for dry eye syndrome, call The Eye Center of Southern Indiana to arrange your initial visit.

How Can Dry Eye Syndrome Be Treated?

Numerous issues can affect tear production, such as hormonal changes, aging, medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, and specific prescription drugs. Poor tear quality or lack of ability to produce tears can result in hazy vision and bloodshot, irritated, stinging eyes. The most effective method for finding out if you have chronic dry eye syndrome is to have a complete eye exam. Along with observing your symptoms and testing tear quality, Dr. Grossman will go over any past or current conditions to look for any underlying reasons for your dry eyes. If Dr. Grossman does determine you have dry eye syndrome, he will create an individualized treatment plan according to the details surrounding your case. A number of patients with mild cases of dry eye can find relief with prescription or drugstore eye drops. If your condition is more severe, tiny plugs can be placed in your tear ducts in order to slow drainage and increase lubrication.

Quick and Long-Lasting Relief

Not only is dry eye irritating, but it can also lead to weakened vision when left untreated. If you have been living with dry eye symptoms and over-the-counter medications have been unsuccessful, plan an eye exam at our Bloomington, IN office. The experienced ophthalmologists and eye care professionals at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana are able to diagnose and manage dry eye syndrome with incredible rates of success.

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