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Eye exams are essential assessments performed by qualified optometrists for people of all ages, evaluating vision and other aspects of eye health.

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common condition that makes distant objects harder to see. It's correctable with glasses, contacts, or laser surgery.

Hyperopia, or farsightedness, is when a patient has trouble seeing close up. It can be addressed via corrective lenses or laser surgery techniques.

Presbyopia is the natural fading of vision with age due to weakening muscles and support tissue within the eye, often treated with multifocal lenses.

Diplopia, or double vision, is diagnosed when patients see duplicated images and is often a side effect of another eye health concern, like cataracts.

Astigmatism is characterized by an abnormal corneal shape and can lead to a number of vision problems or indicate another issue, like keratoconus.

Amblyopia, or lazy eye, develops when one eye is weaker than the other and can be fixed with corrective eyewear, prescription eye drops, and more.

Experts in Bloomington, IN accurately diagnose and treat eye infections, from the common and mildly irritating to the rare and severely dangerous.

Eye allergies, caused by the body's reaction to irritants in the air or on contact lenses, can be diagnosed and treated by a qualified eye specialist.

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that occurs when tears fail to adequately lubricate the eye. A qualified doctor can diagnose and treat dry eye.

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