Laser Cataract Surgery in Bloomington, IN

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About Laser Cataract Surgery

At The Eye Center of Southern Indiana, we serve Bloomington, IN, Ellettsville, Bedford, Columbus, and Seymor with the most advanced diagnosis and treatment methods available for cataract-related procedures. Cataracts are a clouding of the eye's natural lens that typically begin to develop after the age of 40. Because the lens itself cannot be repaired, cataract surgery involves replacing the natural lens with a synthetic IOL (intraocular lens). Laser cataract surgery is done with advanced technology that can chart out the surface of the eye to apply a precise, bladeless incision, greatly reducing the chances of infection. You can arrange an evaluation with R. Daniel Grossman, M.D. at his Bloomington, IN practice to learn whether you may be a good candidate for laser cataract surgery.

How Does Laser Cataract Surgery Work?

Around 30 ­– 45 minutes before laser cataract surgery, a professional team member thoroughly numbs the patient’s eyes by administering specialized eye drops. Laser cataract surgery is similar to traditional cataract surgery, but we implement state-of-the-art laser technology to identify the perfect incision site, make a safe and sterile incision, and remove the clouded lens. After the cataract is removed, your ophthalmologist will insert the artificial lens. Laser cataract surgery technology creates excellent outcomes with a smoother recovery period, thanks to the technology's extraordinary capabilities. Laser cataract surgery is generally a brief outpatient procedure completed in less than 30 minutes. The healing period for laser cataract surgery ranges from 4 – 8 weeks, depending on the patient. As part of a consultation at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana, one of our highly trained ophthalmologists will be able to go over any prospective limitations, in addition to each patient’s most effective treatment options. Dr. Grossman asks that all laser cataract surgery patients come back in for a few follow-up exams to keep an eye on the healing process.

Safer Cataract Removal

When neglected, cataracts will severely affect your daily activities and gradually result in a total loss of vision. However, with the help of laser cataract surgery at The Eye Center of Southern Indiana, you can rid yourself of cataracts and dramatically improve your vision. We urge patients who have cataracts to call our Bloomington, IN practice right away for a consultation with R. Daniel Grossman, M.D.

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